Shipping and Returns Policy

1. Return of Goods / Refunds. All sales are final. An exchange or store credit may be available in certain circumstances. In order to qualify for an exchange or store credit, you must return the original purchased product. MBBR Manufacturing may refuse return requests if the returned product is opened (all MBBR Manufacturing products are packaged in air-tight bags), and MBBR Manufacturing may deny an exchange or credit request upon inspection of the returned product. MBBR Manufacturing will not reship a returned product for any reason. Illegitimate chargebacks will be contested and/or sent to collections for the original amount, with the addition of a $75 fee. MBBR Manufacturing does not assume the responsibility of return shipping costs on any returned products (defective or otherwise) unless otherwise stated on the order. All orders are thoroughly inspected at MBBR Manufacturing and adequately packed before shipment.

MBBR Manufacturing’s return policy differs on certain items, as follows:

·         On all catalog items, you must contact us within at least thirty (30) days of your receipt of the product in order to qualify for an exchange or store credit.

The package delivered by MBBR Manufacturing will arrive with no problems if the following conditions are met: the package is delivered on the first attempt or provided a safe location for delivery; the package is immediately opened upon arrival and the contents cared for as specified in the enclosed care instructions; the package is not left exposed to the elements (or any other extreme conditions) upon delivery; and you report any damage to MBBR Manufacturing within thirty (30) days of receipt, as noted above. If you believe that a product offered by MBBR Manufacturing is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in an unused condition for exchange or store credit.

2. Acceptable Orders Policy. In certain limited circumstances, such as where fraud or misuse of a product is suspected, MBBR Manufacturing reserves the right to terminate any order at any time it deems necessary for any reason. MBBR Manufacturing does NOT ship Kratom to the following states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, or any city or country that prohibits the sale of Kratom. Currently we do not ship overseas. We are working on it, and hope to allow this within the next few weeks. You, the purchaser, have the sole responsibility to fully research and comply with the state and federal regulations of your own place of residence.

3. Shipment Risk of Loss and Packaging. All prices are FOB MBBR Manufacturing’s place of shipment, unless otherwise stated. Title to the goods, and risk of loss and damage, shall pass at place of shipment, with the only limitation being that, if an order is lost in transit by a courier, and the courier conducts an investigation and finds that the order was, in fact, lost in transit, then MBBR Manufacturing will reship the products in the order. No reshipment or refund of any orders will occur if MBBR Manufacturing receives a delivery confirmation of the order.

4. Force Majeure. MBBR Manufacturing shall not be liable for any failure to deliver or delay of delivery of products where such failure or delay has been occasioned by fire, embargo, strikes, wars, accidents, acts of God, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any valid law or regulation of any governmental agency or authority, lack of transportation facilities, or similar causes beyond the control of Seller. In the case of the above events, MBBR Manufacturing will make the shipment at a later date, and you must accept delivery at the agreed price, when the causes of such delay no longer exist.

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