300ct Trainwreck Kratom Capsules

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Ingredients - Mitragyna Speciosa
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6 reviews for 300ct Trainwreck Kratom Capsules

  1. cgagnon4u

    Great product!! Purchased for my boyfriend and he said it was the best he has tried, helped with chronic pain and gave him energy when he needed it but also helped him sleep at night! Definitely worth the price!

  2. jeffrey.ross0309 (verified owner)

    This is my favorite blend! I just got my order today and have been feeling great! 10/10 would recommend to anyone?

  3. kp1000 (verified owner)

    Great blend! I’m new to Kratom, but I think I’ve found my blend. It provides energy and pain relief at the same time! Will definitely be ordering again. You won’t regret it ??

  4. Andrew

    I’m always skeptical on reviews and/or products online. However, one of my local gas stations has trainwreck. And I must say, “IT WORKS WONDERS”! The reviews are extremely accurate. This gives you great energy, amazing pain relief, but still enabling you to fall asleep if you want. Plus, which I think is the best thing about is that it severely curves your opiate cravings. This I dont know first hand, but my cousin got off d*** by using kratom. I seriously can’t say how good this is. Only negative is that there is no dosage indicator. I feel great all day off of 10 capsules in the morning, 5 in the afternoon, and 5 in the evening. Everyone is different, but this works for me. And remember, you can always add, you can’t take away. So know your body, know your mind.

  5. clbongcayao

    I was sent this by mistake, and the 5 star review is more for the customer service part. However, I did end up using this strain. Although it helps with pain relief, it gives me a huge headache and causes some drowsiness. I’m not sure if it’s due to the dose I take, but I have been using kratom for a long time so regardless of the strain, the dose usually stays the same for me. Overall it isn’t bad. I do prefer the green hulu strain personally. It gives me energy and I don’t usually need to exceed 5 grams a day. As for the quality of the company’s product, Earth Kratom is amazing.

  6. Phillip E Deck (verified owner)

    This Trainwreck product is awesome. I take it once every morning before work to help me with physical job.. Has multiple strains to have effect on different things (pain, energy, anxiety) and it lasts several hours.l like the fact they sell 300 in a bag will last me a while. I prefer capsules over powder for convenience.

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