65ct Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

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Ingredients - Mitragyna Speciosa
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11 reviews for 65ct Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  1. kristernordby

    I started taking kratom a couple years ago. I I’m super grateful for the effect it’s had on my life. I deal with nerve pain and it has definitely helped with my sleeping pasa gives me energy throughout the day. I try to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs when I can and I feel like this is really helped get off the pain pills as well. If you’re on the fence about this product I suggest you try it for yourself

  2. Ed Machado

    Been Taking Kratom for 2+ yrs as a Mood Elevator. I am a Female 51 and it Works GREAT!
    You CANT go wrong with any you Chose here ….Quality Product, Excellent Customer Service, Fast Delivery, Great Value for your $$

    Maeng Da was 1st strain I began with. I like it so much I always have this strain around, haven’t tried the Red yet.
    Mood Elevator, Energy for Tasks I don’t want to do, Clarity in Decision Making, Overall Focus

  3. bboyter

    I’ve been using Green Maeng Da Kratom for a couple of years and starting purchasing Kratom from this webiste. It’s a lot cheaper than buying at a smoke shop. Their prices are nearly double what I pay here!

  4. Steve

    I purchased meng da kratom from earth kratom that i just randomly found being sold at a gas station in western NY. I have ordered online from reputable dealers in the past and figured “what the heck” i bought a pack of 65 capsules for 19.99. I have to say i did not have high expectation for “gas station” kratom…boy was i wrong. It was by far the most powerfull and beatifull experiences i have ever had with this supplement. I will only buy from here from now on.

  5. chrisspence6379

    My favorite strain from my favorite supplier! Been a customer for a while and will be for a long time!

  6. Anna Thorsen

    This Kratom is excellent . I loved it.

  7. Anna Thorsen

    You’re kratom is excellent .

  8. Jenny Marie Hillman (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best out there. I just finished my first bottle and I’m ordering my second and I will continue to order until somebody stops me. It states to take five capsules with water however I can take one and still feel a difference. Awesome price. Super fast shipping. Can’t go wrong!

  9. HappyCustomer

    I have Lupus and severe pain in my joints. I became addicted to narcotics and even went to rehab and have 2 years clean. I started having joint pain so bad and Dr’s wanted to throw narcotics at it. I decided to go with the natural Kratom choice. I purchased this brand a small bag from a smoke shop. IT SAVES MY LIFE. I bought a kilo and tell all my friends about it. I wouldn’t be able to perform at my job without it. Bonus, it makes you feel happy and chatty! Jist bought my 2nd kilo bag.

  10. Gary

    I was on pain mgmt for both shoulders, 7 surgeries. Got off the pain pills, tried Kratom. It’s a God send. Now I don’t hurt like I was, and I no longer need narcotics to feel better. Red meang da is awesome.

  11. Daniel Horne

    Take everyday for energy and focus at my job I have a really physical demanding job also it helps with body aches and muscle aches also this stuff is a life saver for me

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