30g Trainwreck Kratom Powder

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Ingredients - Mitragyna Speciosa
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14 reviews for 30g Trainwreck Kratom Powder

  1. corina minjarez

    tried it before and it was a great blend , then heard about a review cupon yayy!

  2. Jay

    Pretty good. Good sized capsules and has a nice relaxed feeling.

  3. Clifton

    This is the best Kratom you can buy, my preferred choice.

  4. Patricia

    Best ever smooth and euphoric feeling

  5. Amber Ruano

    Love the reviews,
    Easy to use website,
    Says fast shipping.. We’ll see
    I’ll update my review once I get the product. I’m excited to try the trainwreck, but order the Super green.. If that’s good I’ll try the other. ?

  6. Travis

    Did the toss and swish method, first time Kratom powder user. Wow, this is such a euphoric and mostly relaxed/mellow feeling. Just a teaspoon full like most recommend doing first time. Will definitely be buying more from my local shop.

  7. itsjstme67 (verified owner)

    Loved Trainwreck …. time to reorder and see if it’s consistent with the first time.

  8. Michael

    Didn’t order from website, but got this same kratom and IT IS AMAZING!! I am usually a green Maeng Da user, but I discovered Trainwreck and its perfect for finishing the day and cooling off and calming down. I will be ordering from the website from now on because the prices are much better on here!

  9. Frank Doublin

    So I came across the Trainwreck blend at a local convenience store. I had never heard of Kratom before. I did a little research, checked out this site & the reviews. I have dealt with chronic pain in my knees & back for years. I was in constant pain & stiffness. It hurt to get out of my car, chair, bed. It hurt to walk, bend over, even laying down at times. The very first day my pain eased off! This past week there have been days where I had almost zero pain. I am amazed & pray this doesn’t lose its effect. I am AMAZED at the difference in how I feel!

  10. Joemany Castro

    Purchased earth kratom train wreck from my local head shop and let me tell ya The Bomb! Best kratom I’ve tried in a long time.

  11. Cole Read

    This is definitely the best brand, and best strain I’ve ever tried! Like others have said, it has a very euphoric and chill effect. It helps with pain and anxiety!

  12. Kelly

    I purchase this brand from a local shop near home and it is by far the most consistent. I know what I’m getting when I purchase it. The Trainwreck is my favorite because it helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the day. I highly recommend it!

  13. Jeremy L. Williams

    I’m a long term Kratom user of about 3 years. This is daily use. Kratom quality from many vendors has dropped off over the years. I tried many strains from local stores in a bid to find good quality Kratom. I came across Earth Kratom and have been buying it locally ever since.

    I just bought the Trainwreck Kratom and even being a long term user I can feel this stuff with a fairly low dose. It is fairly euphoric and has a great mood and energy boost that has a calming effect as well. It also increases your focus quite well. A little gives a good mood and energy boost, a bit more calms you and makes you a bit sleepy. I love it.

  14. JoshuaM (verified owner)

    Out of all the products I’ve tried, Trainwreck is hands down the most potent blend for that “euphoric” feeling. I find it really helps with anxiety, social anxiety, insomnia, and also increases your focus and overall positivity. It really takes the “edge” off on days you’re feeling stressed out. On days I take Trainwreck, I sleep like a baby and have some of the most colorful dreams. I’m 5’11” at 190lbs and only need about 4 to 5 grams to feel the strong calming effects.

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